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THEME: Local Gothic Scenes Exposed

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Elite Gothic Aristocrats
In your darkest dreams
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Please read all of the following BEFORE joing and applying, and please strap on your sense of humor, because frankly if you don't have one, we don't want you. It's pretty clear from reading this profile that we do not totally take ourselves seriously. Also if you are joining as a total joke, to insult us, poke fun, or start crap, well hardy har har buddy, think up something a little more original because we've seen it all before and will just delete you asap.

For the sake of this place sticking with the "been there, done your your time mentality" this community is for people aged 21+ ONLY. If you are younger please see our sister community heirs2thethrone, or if you *really* feel you should be here and are under 21 please contact one of the mods or junior mods (they are listed at the bottom of this community) and request permission to apply.

Also for the sake of keeping things calm as possible on here we would like to state that we are not a political/religious forum.....we understand that you have beliefs, but please let's try not to use this forum as a space to argue about them. To us they have nothing to do with how much you enjoy the gothic subculture.

With all that said....Let the CHEESE flow! Gothic Royalty is a totally biased community for those most uber of the uber royal of the dark subculture (and the side branches of it), which to use a label is best defined as Gothic. You know we all once had a secret elitist/perfectionist attitude we were dying to let out, and maybe we still do. We don't mean that you think you are better than others, we just mean that you strive to look, act, and represent yourself as someone who meets the highest standards of good ol' goth. You may have moved on, gotten into other things but you still have the closet longing for all that is uber goober and goth and it will always be a part of you, or maybe you are a old school die hard. To us G-O-T-H is not the dreaded bad word or joke that so many people like to pretend it is these days. We are comfortable in our spookiness, lol. This is a place to let all your inner love of gothic stuff out, we won't laugh at you, we'll join you, so break out the candles and cloves. Post pics of yourself, links to things you lust after, write your bad poetry (we all had some), crack jokes, post pics of totally *gawth* things, promote yourself. We only want people that have been in the darker subculture scenes or have a complete grasp of what our aesthetics are about. This is not for newbies, cyber kids, rivetheads, ravers, or people with no taste or fashion sense. This a community for the good side of the cheese, victorian goths, georgian goths, vampire looks that get it, ghostly goths, fans of japanese influenced style (j-rock, gothic lolita, dark cosplay etc), black metal fans, living horror movie dolls. This is not just about MUSIC, liking certain bad cheesy goth music does not make you goth, we really don't care what you listen to, however you should know your basic stuff, and feel free to talk about music here, but it's not what gets you in. We have seen black metal, gothic lolita, classical music fans, etc that embody the look and essence of "goth" just as much as your goth rock fan and deathrocker. It's about the looks, the feelings, and the basic aesthetics. This is also not mainly a deathrock community, although we love you guys too, as we want to slate this one more toward the classical victorian/historical/horror movie/vampire cliche.

This is not a rating community but you have to meet our criteria to get accepted (we are old and jaded bitches sorry), it's our way of weeding out the riff raff that would only take up space and have nothing to contribute. If you think it's rude this place is not for you.

*since we have grown so large (over 200 members) and our motto is QUALITY over QUANTITY then the rules for joining have become stricter, please read below for our new joining process*

To be accepted:
-you have to join the community as a "member"
if you are not prepared to fill out an application or you have been rejected, you may "watch" the community as long as you like
-you must EMAIL to get posting access.

be ready to submit your application when you ask for access, if it is not up in 48 hrs you will be deleted

Members will then vote yes or no on your app. If you get 23 no's then you are OUT. If you get 23 YES votes then you are in. REMEMBER Our high court mod/idea community lacournoire has the power to override the final vote if they decide the vote is unfair, or things get out of hand, so play nice. Also remember it was *you* who decided to join this community and submit yourself to voting, so if you get voted out turning around saying how "voting communities are retarded" makes you look like the idiot.

Be prepared to take criticism, yeah our opinions shouldn't matter to you, and are not the end all be all of "goth" (most of us are not even goth 24-7 anymore) but this is our community so what are you gonna do?

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE MAIN RULES FOR THE APPLICATION PROCESS: Once a yes or no is posted to an application the applicant may ask a question about that vote and the voter and app may give a few replies but please try and keep this to a minimum and keep criticism constructive, any long drawn out convo on the subject then be taken up privately between the two parties. Any drama started over the vote will run the risk of either the vote not counting (being deleted) or the whole app being deleted if things get too out of hand. DO NOT post a new subject line in your replies to a vote. The 1st yes or no vote is the only one that counts, voters can not change the vote, so don't vote hastily. Applicants cannot repost the application so think it through before you post it, if you are rejected you have to wait the alloted time (stated in the profile) to re-apply.

Once you are approved and stamped you may post, if you are not stamped and approved then you will be deleted.

Applicants who have been rejected and who want to re-apply must wait ONE MONTH before requesting to apply again.

Examples of things that will get you in: Victorian dolls, elegant lolitas, dashing dandies, fabulous fops, ghoulish ghosts, cruel countesses, sharp witted intellect with a pasion for the dark. It also doesn't hurt to have a good attitude, a good fashion sense (ie nice clothing, nice materials used, people who take care in thier look), good make-up, and some sort of creative merit. We love interesting people with a great sense of humor about things, No boring losers, tell us about yourselves and what you do!

Application below:

ONLY PUT THE PICS BEHIND THE CUT, the rest must be visable.

::Like Robert Smith's hair, everything's bigger on Goth Royalty. Our Application is HUGE so we put it on it's own page. Click here for the application, then copy and paste it to the community with your answers filled out.::

*There will be weekly themes announced every Monday. You can post off theme as well, any time you like. Only stamped members can post.*

Please read community "memories" before asking any questions, as a lot of things have been covered and saved there.

Official Goth Royalty Royal Proclamations:
* none as of yet

You have an idea for a Proclamation, go to one of the mods, tell us the idea, and we will then put up an official vote/poll on it. If it gets the popular vote we will then announce it as and Official Royal Proclamation and add it to our info page. I will also be adding the rules about making one as stated above to the info page as well.

Community Creator and Mod to call before major changes are made:





current stamped members: batty, bratfink, weyakin, xdarkstarx, cupcake_goth, angldust, djeternaldarkne, rivetdoll, sinnocence, mme_archel, severina_malign, lucyfurre, vapidvim, jezabella66, aonochi, robert_from_ap, carriemonster, 6anita6star6, absinthea, micahra, daednu, poesdaughter, metum_capere, muzukashii, boneorchard, obsidianchain, karla_rei, nyssadark, pamc, skarah, ravenlily13, veronyka, absinthea, thoughtskill, chromeangel, xnightvixenx, ladyligeia, math_imp, mandor1971, petzilla, hereticsaint, staxxy, visioninblack, spangle_kitten & purple_lilly, insomnia_zombie, onlyjanica, johannajanette, mbarrick, mskoi, thrpschr, _disdain_, valerian, josienutter, raven_moon, mal3ficent, karanseraph, princesscadhla, whisperwish, severina00, witheringgirl13, victorianrose23, miss_spooky, rayna_sabine, nurse_rozetta, w1nterb0rn, trapecia, shadowfairy, xseraphx, valenore, misfitroxy, fearscape, mahariel, pandorasfox, ladylizbet, theda_bara, pumpkin_pinup, sheilamarie, ming_the_twat, elisabat, heartsease, 000100010001, mlleminx, electricmstress, leratmort, daemonchadeau, kafkadreams, dynamine, bohemianrapsody, ixalptraumxi, miss_asphyxia, deadlyhair, jaenanda, k3llya, queeniex, assriel, martinhesselius, gothic_lolita, miss_adventure, aniline, d33ann, forgotenlove, elysabeth_grant, st_theodora, d3adlyniteshad3, kambriel,gypseymission, faeredelune, mickmercer, kid_sportswear, fresnogoth_mav, uglyshyla, femaledictions, lady_amaranth, jrotica, catherine_kunt, spookymonkey, hyacintheraven, midnytegarden, ancilla, wildelf, vivi_sterling, madame_mage, d00mw0lf, thescaryfaery, fingerless, carole, monstermommy, curegrrlie, velvetdahlia, doofybatz, allykatt, pvcdiva, gekkouchan, slave1, matt_the_mo, br0kendawl, mythworker, bladedancer, sapphire_wolf, aislinggheal, baldchik, gorey_ballerina, dj_fact50, ann_esthesia, virgincliffy, nadya_lev, auntee, feyeleanor, noctivagant, dj_alexander, anitanervosa, madamekat, gothicprinceken, miserymalice, ninja_kiza, jazzbaby14, vision_black, gaaneden, robertom, edavid, hearsegirl, ladylucretia, sensory_chaos, melusina_shadow, laurabrickman, sister_of_mercy, doryphore, dances_withcats, dracul_wamphyri, nightmarezone, anricat, morticutor, eboe, sapphrine, maybethisname, devalmont, naeelah, arianna77, robynbright, cyberius_slut, mikeyvillain, christianet, unknownuser0, piratesinsanity, waster60268, katrina_strauss, azriel_72, imaginary_boy, roseredcity, dj_camus, shisome, gottestod, medicinetongue, dach, ellechero, cptsternn, dionysian_dream, when_owls_call, darth_wader, cyberry, lolitaenchanted, alustrialcrafts, somnusangelorum, purple_lilly, chellie_rose, eyvor, stomponthebat, gothikduck, atterlothe, rainbowbeauty, crystagoth_31, neige_blanc, faithperfection, missaudreyhorne, clockwerks, anomiefound, wed_mourning, stina_leicht, devourthesun, icarusfell, the_magdelene, filialuna, john_maverick, obsequious, razedinwinter, lughnasad, 0taxidermy0, miss_scary, scarybex, smu, mollyblack, meddevi, ravenofskys, boo_a_peek, deliriumcrow, anny_vonuebel, mokosh_perun, omegamorningsta, ghost_girl, kat1031, _vermin_, missmorte, bigdonkeyretard, mineke, meiow, _boxinghelena, skeletal13, angelovfaith, huiwei, mankycat, zombiebunney, rose_et_noir, velvetrhapsody, shoindiematrix, mina5643, djsusperia13

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